Front Room: An-My Lê

From October 9, 2013 — March 2, 2014

The consequences of war and the enormity of the military’s reach are felt through quiet moments away from combat in An-My Lê’s powerful color and black-and-white images.

In the revitalized Contemporary Wing, this Front Room exhibition features 21 photographs from four series showing post-war Vietnam, Vietnam reenactors, and the American military carrying out training, surveillance, and peacekeeping missions on vast landscapes and seascapes throughout the world. Lê’s large-format camera captures the finest details of scene, which emphasizes the vastness of the landscapes. Though the artist is a Vietnam War refugee (she was airlifted out of Saigon in 1975 at age 15), she neither celebrates nor condemns the subjects of her work, letting the viewer determine their own meaning.