Cézanne and American Modernism

February 14–May 23, 2010

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Paul Cézanne. Fruit and Jug on a Table

“…A FASCINATING EXHIBITION...” – The New York Times “…A REVELATION…” – The Wall Street Journal

Paul Cézanne. Five Apples. 1877-78. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. Thaw

Here Cézanne focuses on a small group of apples, closely cropping them along the top edge to emphasize the thick and faceted application of pigment. He leaves much of the edges of the canvas unpainted, which adds to the jewel-like treatment of the red, orange, and green fruit. This still life was once owned by Leo and Gertrude Stein who had it on view in their apartment where it was seen by countless artists, writers, and collectors. Indeed, for a long time, more of Cézanne’s works were accessible at the Stein apartment than at any other place in Paris.


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For Adults

Lose yourself in Cézanne and American Modernism. Listen to enthralling insights and descriptions from the exhibition’s curators about the impact Cézanne had on American artists through his inventive approach to color, composition, and perspective. Here are two samples…

For Kids

Designed as a game show, this Acoustiguide audio tour prompts young viewers to find clues in Cézanne’s artworks and spot what American artists learned from Cézanne. Hear and see how the great French artist left his visible brushstroke on the canvas and his mark on art history. Listen to a sample…


Paul Cézanne

View of the Domaine


Paul Cézanne

Five Apples


Morgan Russell

Three Apples


Edward Steichen

Three Pears and an Apple


Oscar Bluemner

Jersey Silkmills

1. Paul Cézanne. View of the Domaine Saint-Joseph. 1880-90. Lent by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Collection, Wolfe Fund, 1913

2. Paul Cézanne. Five Apples. 1877‒78. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. Thaw

Morgan Russell. Three Apples. 1910. The Musuem of Modern Art, New York. Given anonymously 1949 (349.1949.2). Digital Image ©The Museum of Modern Art/Licensed by SCALA/Art Resource, NY. ©Simone DeVirgile

Edward Steichen. Three Pears and an Apple. 1921. Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of the photographer, 1964 (368.1964). Digital Image ©The Museum of Modern Art/Liscensed by SCALA/Art Resource, NY. Reprinted with permission of Joanna T. Steichen

3. Oscar Bluemner. Jersey Silkmills (Paterson). 1911 (repainted 1917). Private Collection. Photographer: Peter S. Jacobs, Fine Arts Photography