On Paper: Spin, Crinkle, Pluck

From April 19, 2015 — September 20, 2015

This exhibition showcases eight prints and drawings whose images are the result of a specific action or intention, rather than a depiction of that action.

For example, Trisha Brown’s image of a foot spinning is not a rendering of a foot in motion, but actually her foot pirouetting directly on the etching plate.

Essentially, the artists are letting the object or action describe itself.

Featured artists

The artists and their actions are:

  • Tauba Auerbach (crinkle)
  • Trisha Brown (spin)
  • Mona Hatoum (pluck)
  • Emil Lukas (wrap)
  • Gabriel Orozco (spit)
  • Stan Shellabarger (shuffle)
  • Denise Tassin (wriggle)
  • Rachel Whiteread (squash)

Curated by

Ann Shafer, Associate Curator of Prints, Drawings & Photographs

A small footprint smeared in black across a piece of manilla paper.

Trisha Brown and Graphicstudio. Untitled Set One, No. 3. 2006. From the series "Untitled Set One.” The Baltimore Museum of Art: Women's Committee Acquisitions Endowment for Contemporary Prints and Photographs, BMA 2007.338. Published by Graphicstudio/USF