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Focus on Female Creativity

Help us celebrate the Baltimore Museum of Art’s 2020 Vision initiative and share the story of an artist, a caregiver, a frontline worker, a mentor, or friend in our living mosaic honoring female creativity and the women who have inspired you!

In honor of Lottie Bivans and Agnes Harris

I nominate my great-grandmother, Lottie Bivans, and my grandmother Agnes Harris. Both women inspire me every day! My great-grandmother is now 97, and she has taught me so many important life lessons. Her husband died, and she was left to raise three children on her own, she worked hard to do this, and she even owned her own property, which was very rare for a black woman during her time. Her grit, kindness, and tenacity are admirable! My grandmother, Agnes Harris, is also an amazing woman. She worked very hard as a worker in a hospital gift shop. She is there for everyone in our family, no matter what it is she is also willing to help! Her kindness, strength, and courage are amazing! Both of these women inspire me everyday!

Shared by Ryan G.

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