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Focus on Female Creativity

Help us celebrate the Baltimore Museum of Art’s 2020 Vision initiative and share the story of an artist, a caregiver, a frontline worker, a mentor, or friend in our living mosaic honoring female creativity and the women who have inspired you!

In honor of Peggy West

My grandmother, Peggy West: I have never met a more caring and selfless person. Ever since I was very young my grandmother has taught me about the golden rule- treat others how you wish to be treated. She has never failed to live by this rule and is always compassionate and making sure others feel loved. My grandmother is always looking at the bright side in life and is constantly radiating positive energy. I can always count on her to put a smile on my face or remind me of what is really important in life. I can only hope that one day my granddaughter will see me the way I see her.

Shared by Ella Kate W.

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