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Focus on Female Creativity

Help us celebrate the Baltimore Museum of Art’s 2020 Vision initiative and share the story of an artist, a caregiver, a frontline worker, a mentor, or friend in our living mosaic honoring female creativity and the women who have inspired you!

In memory of Geraldine (Ged) Muhly

Mom inspired three generations of women to be creative, resourceful, open, and adventurous. Born poor in rural North Carolina, she and her twin sister started their own beauty shop when they graduated high school. She continued working as a beautician when she married and moved to Baltimore during WWII, then became a nurse aide, planted a victory garden, and earned her small plane pilot’s license. Later, after earning top honors in flower arrangement competitions, she opened her own business—Ged’s Flowers—which became the go-to source for celebrator occasions (bar and bat mitzvahs and weddings were her specialty) in the greater Washington, D.C. area for 35 years. We all still ask, “What would Ma Ged do?” as we step out to make the world our own.

Shared by Susan Walther — BMA Member

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