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Focus on Female Creativity

Help us celebrate the Baltimore Museum of Art’s 2020 Vision initiative and share the story of an artist, a caregiver, a frontline worker, a mentor, or friend in our living mosaic honoring female creativity and the women who have inspired you!

In honor of Aunt Shirley Ann

Aunt Shirley Ann has been like a mother to me and so many other young women, offering her pearls of wisdom. She showed me a way in life that had never been presented to me. Hard work pays off, she used to say. You can do things to change your life, work hard at it and through prayer, anything is possible. To this day, at 85 years old, she volunteers her time to cook for the indigents, works at the woman’s clothing exchange at her church and always has a smile to share with those who greet her. She is a shining star to me and all that know her. Aunt Shirley, thank you for influencing my life in such a beautiful way.

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