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Focus on Female Creativity

Help us celebrate the Baltimore Museum of Art’s 2020 Vision initiative and share the story of an artist, a caregiver, a frontline worker, a mentor, or friend in our living mosaic honoring female creativity and the women who have inspired you!

In honor of Mary- Margaret Stepanian

I have been friends with Mary-Margaret now for over 25 years.. Our friendship started in the early days of my first job selling print advertising for a small weekly newspaper.. She was behind the creative of a really clever ad that ran in the newspaper I worked for. That's where her influence on me began. Instead of just selling ad space I began to realize how important the creative had to be.. I realized a good PR campaign would solidify a relationship for the present and the future. I learned what would become my best attribute... which was to listen to what a client or business was trying to convey. Mary Margaret picked up on this and wherever her genius took her she always remembered me and supported me. She taught me loyalty to customers and to friends.. I do not exaggerate ... she really did!! When I hear from her everything gets put on hold , because I know what she expects and she knows I can provide !!! I have a picture of the City Of Baltimore in honor of her because she really is an icon of this city.. Always trying to find the best in businesses and people and causes in the city I have lived all of my life. I hope she remains here always!!! Thank you MMS!!

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