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As many in our community may already know, a group of Baltimore Museum of Art colleagues are seeking to form a union at the museum. As an institution, the BMA respects the right of our staff to unionize, and we have affirmed in communications to all colleagues that should a majority vote to form a union that the Museum will work collaboratively with union representatives.

In the time since we were notified of the organizers’ intentions, the BMA has invited and encouraged conversation to better understand the range of perspectives on the possibility of unionization at the museum. This has included an in-person meeting with members of the organizing committee, as well as e-mail, virtual, and in-person discussions with many individuals. Through these discussions, we have learned that there are a number of staff who wish to unionize and who believe that this is the best way forward for the BMA. We have heard in equal measure from colleagues who do not wish to be represented by a union, as well as from those who continue to have questions and remain uncertain. Given the spectrum of opinions on the subject, it is essential that we have an independent election. This will allow for everyone’s perspectives to be registered through a vote and ensure that this is a choice made truly by the majority of the staff.

Over the past several years, the BMA has worked to be an institution that values everyone’s voices and that provides opportunities for feedback, dialogue, and collaboration. We can and will continue to evolve and improve our processes as our dedication to this growth is unequivocal. Given the Museum’s shared commitment to creating opportunities for all colleagues to be heard, an independent election provides the best means of upholding our values as an institution.