The NEH Challenge Grant for Conservation


This prestigious $750,000 National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Challenge Grant, the largest the BMA has ever received from the NEH, requires the Museum to raise a total of $2.25 million from private sources over five years. Each year, the BMA has successfully raised the annual match of this 3-to-1 grant, and we are currently seeking gifts to complete the final-year goal of $400,000.

The NEH grant, combined with matching gifts, will provide permanent funding for the BMA�s widely-recognized conservation program by endowing the Director of Conservation position and also conservation research on the collection.

Associate Objects Conservator Christine Downie, in the BMA’s Conservation Lab,
examines a covered bowl from the Tuareg peoples of North Africa, which was
featured in Hand Held: Personal Arts of Africa.

“We were happy to give, because we have always thought there are two key elements for a museum. First, it is a repository of art, and second, it is a place where the public can enjoy and learn about art, and care of the collection is essential for both of these functions.”

Joan and Tom Spence

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Support Conservation

Every gift to match the NEH Challenge Grant will help raise the BMA�s conservation program to a new level of excellence.

Contact Judy Gibbs at 443-573-1796 or to learn how you can support this very special project.