Dorothy McIlvain Scott American Wing


The highlight of the BMA’s 100th anniversary will be the spectacular renovation and reinstallation of galleries housing the Museum’s outstanding American collection. This new presentation will provide an experience of American art that deepens visitors’ awareness of its importance and enhances their appreciation of the historical context that brings these magnificent works to life. It will also celebrate the American Wing’s 2007 dedication to the late Dorothy McIlvain Scott, a longtime supporter whose transformative gift of a $10 million endowment provides generous support for the ongoing operation of the American program in perpetuity.

The American Collection, one of the finest on the East Coast, features work from the 1700s to the 1960s and includes more than 30,000 objects. This ambitious reinstallation will showcase the rich historical and aesthetic connections of hundreds of works of decorative and fine art, highlight the influence of Maryland artists and collectors throughout the world, and present a survey of American art that represents our nation�s artistic achievements from the colonial period to the 1960s.

Tiffany Glass Company. Flower, Fish and Fruit. c. 1885.

Designer: Louis Comfort Tiffany. Manufacturer: Tiffany Glass Company.
Flower, Fish and Fruit. c. 1885. The Baltimore Museum of Art: 101 West Monument Street
Corporation Funds, BMA 1979.173�

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