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Direct Care of the Collection

The Baltimore Museum of Art considers direct care of its collection to be any investment or expenditure supporting the research, presentation, documentation, interpretation, and preservation of the BMA’s permanent collection in order to ensure its longevity and its broad accessibility to diverse audiences.

Direct care of the collection may include any of the following:

  1. Direct costs of daily care: The BMA’s mission requires the research, conservation, documentation, and exhibition (both physical and virtual) of works of art in the Museum’s permanent collection. Related costs include but are not limited to supplies; equipment; salary and benefits for staff (including curators, registrars, conservators, preparators, art-handlers, photographers, and digital asset managers); costs of oversight and maintenance of collections database, digital asset management system and online collection; purchase of specialized object-related equipment for display or storage; cost of contract conservators, consultants, registrars, or art-handlers as required; and costs associated with the transportation of objects.
  2. Direct costs of storage: The BMA houses works of art in 8 on-site, fine-art vaults, as well as off-site in private, secured climate-controlled storage in a fine-art warehouse. Related costs include but are not limited to vault supplies, equipment, and furnishings as well as necessary object protection and transportation.

Procedure for Determining Uses of Funds

Those staff responsible for overseeing Direct Collection Care Expenses will annually make recommendations on expenditures. These will be reviewed by the Chief Operating Officer and Director who will then present them to the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees. The Finance Committee will then present and make a recommendation to the Full Board of Trustees, who will vote annually on the expenditures.