Art-To-Go Archives


January 2021 (PDF) Designing in Crisis
Traction Leg Splint | Charles Eames and Ray Kaiser Eames

December 2020 (PDF) Adornment and Identity
Boy's Vest | Unidentified Lakota artist

November 2020 (PDF) Mother Power and Protection
Nkisi (Power Figure) | Early 20th century. Democratic Republic of Congo

October 2020 (PDF) Finding Common Ground
Detail Lion and Humped Ox | Syria (present-day Turkey)

September 2020 (PDF) Monumental Grace
Detail Grace Stands Beside Shinique Smith

August 2020 (PDF) Resisting Material
Detail Jar Decorated with Resist Motif China, Early 8th century

July 2020 (PDF) Espalier
Detail Espalier Gloria Balder Katzenberg

June 2020 (PDF) A Spontaneous Family Portrait
Detail FAM SHAN Wallace


May 2020 (PDF) Drawing Closer to Healing
Detail Speechless Series Jo Smail

April 2020 (PDF) Humanity Everywhere
Detail No Apartheid Anywhere Valerie Maynard

March 2020 (PDF) Painting Surprise and Wonder
Detail Is It You? 2020 Katharina Grosse

February 2020 (PDF) The Art of Identity
Detail Wedding Ensemble Ndebele region, South Africa

January 2020 (PDF) Not Just Any Still Life
Detail New England Still Life. 1940 Rebecca Salsbury James (American, 1891–1968)

December 2019 (PDF) Food, Farming, History, Memory
Detail Agricole. 2016 Melvin Edwards (American, born 1937).

November 2019 (PDF) A Rich Rainbow
Detail Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink. 2015 Shinique Smith (American, born 1971)

October 2019 (PDF) Starry Skies
Detail Plantation, 1980 Elizabeth Talford Scott (American, 1916–2011)


May 2019 (PDF) An Artist Honors the Ancestors
Detail, Bámgbóyè (Nigerian, ca. 1885–1978)

Apr 2019 (PDF) Face and Form
Detail, Untitled Adrian Piper (American, born 1948)

Mar 2019 (PDF) A Multitude of Minotaurs
Detail, Minotaure Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973).

Feb 2019 (PDF) Bee and Flower Syndrome
Detail, ... and babies too ... Ebony G. Patterson.

Jan 2019 (PDF) Hybrid Power
Detail, Water Woman Wangechi Mutu (Kenyan-American, born 1972).

Dec 2018 (PDF) Pushed to the Margins
Detail, Spoiled Foot Mark Bradford (American, born 1961).

Nov 2018 (PDF) CUT!
Detail, Bad Director's Chair John Waters (American, born 1946).

October 2018 (PDF) Portrait of a Truck
Detail, Tenkamaru in a Tunnel, Tochigi. Masaru Tatsuki (Japanese, born 1974).


May 2018 (PDF) Odyssey & Origin
Detail, Anthropos #1. Jack Whitten (American, 1939–2018)

April 2018 (PDF) A Cloud of Light
Detail, Moon Dust (Apollo 17). Spencer Finch.

March 2018 (PDF) Colorful Connections
Detail, Entangled Orbits. Tomás Saraceno.

February 2018 (PDF) Nat Turner's Plot
One Night at Cabin Pond. Stephen Towns.

January 2018 (PDF) A Mask and Its Meaning
Gitenga Mask. Artist Unidentified.

December 2017 (PDF) Inches, Feet, and Fun
Windmill Tape Measure and Pig Measuring Tape. Artists Unidentified.

November 2017 (PDF) Fighting Back For Land
Detail, Zapata. Diego Rivera.

October 2017 (PDF) Fabric, From Flat To Fabulous
Portrait of a Young Woman. Frans Hals. Puff 3. Annet Couwenberg.


May 2017 (PDF) Horse Power
The Horse. Raymond Duchamp-Villon.

April 2017 (PDF) Painting With Paper
My Grandmother Felt the Color. Mark Bradford.

March 2017 (PDF) A Toast to the Toaster!
Toastmaster Toaster. Waters-Genter Company (American).

February 2017 (PDF) The Face of a Pharaoh
Detail, Relief Fragment of Ramesses II. Artist Unidentified.

January 2017 (PDF) Flowers and Prayers
Small Embroidered Hanging or Prayer Mat (Nimsuzani or Djoinamaz). Artist Unidentified.

December 2016 (PDF) Same and Different
Reclining Model with a Flowered Robe. Henri Matisse. Untitled (Woman Seated in a Chair). Richard Diebenkorn.

November 2016 (PDF) One Jar, Three Cultures
Large Amphora with Dragon-Head Handles. Artist Unidentified.

October 2016 (PDF) Two Views from Above
Notre Dame, a Late Afternoon. Henri Matisse. Cityscape #1. Richard Diebenkorn.


May 2016 (PDF) Signs of Royalty
Commemorative Head of a King (Oba). Artist Unidentified

April 2016 (PDF) TV Robots
Evolution, Revolution, Resolution. Nam June Paik

March 2016 (PDF) A Woman, a Dog, and a Basket of Fruit
Woman with Basket of Fruit. Pierre Bonnard

February 2016 (PDF) Four Prestigious Hats
Detail, Man’s Special Hat. Artist Identified

January 2016 (PDF) Burning Issues
Detail, Wheat Stubble Fire, Eastern Colorado. Larry Schwarm

December 2015 (PDF) Sitting Still
Detail, Water-Moon Guanyin. Artist Unidentified

November 2015 (PDF) Medusa at the Door
Detail, Head of Medusa. Emile-Antoine Bourdelle

October 2015 (PDF) Making Old Into New
Detail, Child's Crazy Quilt. Artist Unidentified


May 2015 (PDF) Balance of Power
Detail, . Headdress (Igi Gèlèdé Oníjàkadi). Fagbite Asamu or Falola Edun

April 2015 (PDF) Acrobats and the Afterlife
Detail, Tripod Vessel with Acrobats Balanced on Rim. Artist unidentified

March 2015 (PDF) An Eye for Pattern
Normandy Landscape. Hale Woodruff

February 2015 (PDF) Super Small Sculptures from Africa
Gold-Dust Weights (Abrammuo). Artist unidentified

January 2015 (PDF) Ferns for the Parlor
Wardian Case (Terrarium)
. Unknown Maker

December 2014 (PDF) A Nursery Rhyme in the Round
Child's Cup, "Old King Cole." Albert A. Southwick

November 2014 (PDF) A Gentlemanly Pose
Lemuel Cox. John Singleton Copley

October 2014 (PDF) A Tugboat with Eyes
The Bessie of New York. Arthur G. Dove


May 2014 (PDF) Making it BIG
Pink Tulip. Georgia O'Keeffe

April 2014 (PDF) Dancing on a Poster
Troupe of Mlle. Églantine. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

March 2014 (PDF) Exploring Space
The Planets. Ibram Lassaw

February 2014 (PDF) Big Trees, Small People
Fir Trees. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

January 2014 (PDF) A Most Unusual Pair
A Pair of Tomb Guardians. China

December 2013 (PDF) Two Faces of Marguerite
Little Girl, Flowered Blouse and Marguerite I. Henri Matisse

November 2013 (PDF) A Lion Made of Stones
The Striding Lion. Antioch Mosiac

October 2013 (PDF) A Face in Light and Shadow
Titus, the Artist's Son. Rembrandt van Rijn


July 2013 (PDF) Setting the Scene for a Story
A Quick Nap. Walter Henry Williams

June 2013 (PDF) Alphabets and Ice Cream
Alphabet in the form of a Good Humor Bar. Claes Oldenburg

May 2013 (PDF) A Racehorse Named Eclipse
Eclipse with Mr. Wildman and His Sons. George Stubbs

April 2013 (PDF) Paper and Twine in Shades of Gray
Package. Claudio Bravo

Early Spring 2013 (PDF) A Mysterious Title
Four Magnet, Three Color Curl (CMY: Irvine, California, January 1st 2010, Fuji Crystal). Walead Beshty

Early Winter 2013 (PDF) Designing a Ship on a Platter
Dish. Unknown maker from Iznik, Turkey


May/June 2012 (PDF) Two New Views of Tires
Tour Table, Gae Aulenti, and Bookinist Reading Chair, Nils Holger Moormann.

April 2012 (PDF) Collaborating with a Computer
Three Views of an Object. Alyson Shotz.

March 2012 (PDF) Moving Toward the Horizon
Paysage (A Winter Day in Brittany). William Lamb Picknell.

February 2012 (PDF) A Tale of Love
Rinaldo and Armida. Sir Anthony van Dyck.

January 2012 (PDF) Ice Bowl or Iceberg?
Ice Bowl and Spoon. Gorham Manufacturing Company.

December 2011 (PDF) Turning Stone into Cloth
Virgin and Child. Unknown 14th-century artist, French.

November 2011 (PDF) Playing with Shapes and Colors
Plate 3 from the portfolio Compositions, Colors, Ideas. Sonia Delaunay.

October 2011 (PDF) A Hat for a Champion
Champion Brush Cutter’s Hat. Dan peoples, Liberia.


May 2011 (PDF) Drawing the Circus
Cirque. Fernand Léger.

April 2011 (PDF) An Owl in the Garden
Head (Tête). Joan Miró.

March 2011 (PDF) Recording Change with a Camera.
Building with False Brick Siding, Warsaw, Alabama. William Christenberry.

February 2011 (PDF) Painting the Wind.
East Wind and Winter Sun. Charles Burchfield.

January 2011 (PDF) A Chinese Birthday Celebration.
Guo Ziyi and a Tableful of Honors. Chinese wall hanging.

December 2010 (PDF) A Dress for a Princess.
Infanta Ana Mauricia. Juan Pantoja de la Cruz.

November 2010 (PDF) Symmetry.
Rorschach. Andy Warhol.

October 2010 (PDF) Getting Up Close to a Spider.
Spider (Araignée). Odilon Redon.

September 2010 (PDF) Dividing and Designing a Face.
Male Mask (Ishyeen Imaalu). Unknown artist of the Kuba people, Congo, Africa.


June 2010 (PDF) Bumpy Lumpy Lines.
Tiger Rolling on its Back. Antoine-Louis Barye.

April & May 2010 (PDF) Odds and Evens.
Beginning Study for Changes and Communication. Alfred Jensen.

March 2010 (PDF) A Refrigerator in Neoclassical Guise.
Spring House. Benjamin Henry Latrobe.

February 2010 (PDF) Staying Warm with Strips of Cloth.
African-American Strippy Quilt. Eloise Lindsey.

January 2010 (PDF) Outside/Inside Sculpture.
Flower observatory. Olafur Eliasson.

December 2009 (PDF) A 1300 Year-Old Camel.
Braying Camel. Chinese, Tang Dynasty.

November 2009 (PDF) Cézanne's Mountain.
Mont Sainte-Victoire Seen from the Bibémus Quarry. Paul Cézanne.

October 2009 (PDF) Poe in Black and White.
To Edgar Poe. Félix Vallotton.

September 2009 (PDF) A Most Unusual Chair.
50 Dozen. Jeremy Alden.


June 2009 (PDF) Hot Summer Colors.
Flower Beds in the Dresden Gardens. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

May 2009 (PDF) Unusual Faces.
The Three Wise Men. Jimoh Buraimoh.

April 2009 (PDF) A Stained Glass Still Life.
Flower, Fish, and Fruit. Louis Comfort Tiffany.

March 2009 (PDF) Dashing Diagonals.
The Circus. Max Pechstein.

February 2009 (PDF) Improvisation.
Jamming at the Savoy. Romare Bearden.

January 2009 (PDF) Icy Cold Colors.
Artist in Greenland. Rockwell Kent.

December 2008 (PDF) Fashionable Furniture.
Grecian Couch. Unknown maker, New York.

November 2008 (PDF) Touching With Our Eyes.
Princess Anna Alexandrovna Galitzin. Elisabeth Louise Vigée-Lebrun.

October 2008 (PDF) Lining up to Vote.
The 1920s…The Migrants Arrive and Cast their Ballots. Jacob Lawrence.

September 2008 (PDF) Exaggerating a Crow’s Face.
Crow Mask. Mambila people, Cameroon, Africa.


June 2008 (PDF) An Artist's Personal Style.
Maryland Crab Feast. Tom Miller.

May 2008 (PDF) Racing Across the Page.
Racing. Sybil Andrews.

April 2008 (PDF) Really Tall and Really Thin.
Man Pointing. Alberto Giacometti.

March 2008 (PDF) Framing a Face.
Lotte's Eye. Max Burchartz.

February 2008 (PDF) A Quilt to Warm the Heart.
Baltimore Album Quilt. Friends and Family of Samuel Williams.

January 2008 (PDF) Simple Materials and Big Ideas.
Mask Representing the Sun. Yup'ik people, Kuskokwim River, Alaska.

December 2007 (PDF) Two of a Kind.
A Pair of Boots. Vincent van Gogh.

November 2007 (PDF) An Ancient Mosiac.
Bust of Tethys. Antioch, Daphne.

October 2007 (PDF) Decoration and Design.
Jardiniere. Christopher Dresser.

September 2007 (PDF) The Illusion of Sunlight and Shadow
Girl with Hat. Berthe Morisot.