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Generous support for Free Family Sundays at Home is provided by Art Bridges and Wilmington Trust.

Make a Drawing of Feelings

Shapes and colors can create different feelings – the same way music does. In Bubbles, artist Thomas Hart Benton explores this idea using a style of painting called Synchronism. Synchronism encourages artists to create harmonies with colors and shapes to create paintings, similar to the way musicians create harmonies to make music. Today we will explore shapes, feelings, and colors and create a drawing.

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Make a Paper Flower Bouquet

A still life is a painting or drawing of a group of objects (often fruit, flowers, or other items) arranged in any way the artist chooses. In New England Still Life, artist Rebecca Salsbury James painted an arrangement of flowers in a vase. Instead of painting on canvas or paper, the artist used a different approach: she painted on the back of a piece of glass. This method is called reverse glass painting. Rather than starting with the background, James first painted the fine details of the flowers, then the vase, and the background last. See how the petal of the white flower at the bottom right sits on top of the vase?

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Create a Creature Collage

Artist Wangechi Mutu’s Water Woman is a sculpture of a being with the head and torso of a woman and the lower body of a Dugong, a manatee-like sea creature. This piece is inspired by East African folklore about a mermaid-like creature called the Nguva who is said to lure people, especially men, to their doom. When you think of a mermaid, what do you see in your mind? Now take a look at Water Woman. Are there things about this sculpture that are different than what you imagined? If so, what are they? Do you think she is as dangerous as the stories say, or is she just misunderstood?

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Make Your Own Drum

When D’mba is worn in a ceremony, there is an accompanying dance, and music to give honor to the traits of the great mother. The headdress is very large, weighing around 83 pounds, and is worn on the shoulders of male dancers during weddings, funerals, and harvesting ceremonies. They move to the music created by instruments such as drums, a slit gong, and an antelope horn.In this activity, we will show you how to make your own drum so you can join in the celebration.

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Make a Picture Frame for a Family Photo

Explore your own memories and create a picture frame for a favorite family photo with designs that inspire feelings of joy, connection, and celebration. Are there colors or patterns that remind you of good times with family and friends? Keep these in mind as you create your picture frame.

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Crafting Handmade Beads

Mothers and grandmothers of the Ndebele ethnic group in South Africa make beaded garments and figures by hand for the girls and young women in their families. The bold and intricate patterns they create are Ndebele symbols, lovingly made to showcase a girl’s stage in life.

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Make a Memory Fan

In Baptism artist Haywood Bill Rivers painted a scene of a baptism, a religious ceremony in which a person is cleansed with water and then reborn. In this activity, you will make a fan, like many people use in church, decorated with scenes from some of your favorite memories.

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Make a Clay Pot

Magdalene Odundo was born in Kenya and now lives and works in London, England. She is a ceramicist, an artist who works with clay. Odundo gets her inspiration from the human body. In this project, you will use clay to make a coil pot by piecing together coil shapes.

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Make an Abstract Composition

Born in Baltimore in 1879, artist Charles H. Walther was best known for his paintings and stained-glass creations. In this activity, we will take inspiration from Walther and create an artwork using tissue paper and abstract shapes similar to those in Reversible Composition.

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Make a Beaded Pin

In the late 1800s, the Lakota were banned from practicing their religion, participating in cultural ceremonies, hunting buffalo, and exploring the plains of the region. To guard artistic traditions and protect their children against negative attention, Lakota mothers beaded images of the American flag onto clothing, boots, and other everyday items. Who would you like to protect? How could you show that in something you make for them? Let's make a beaded pin using the Peyote stitch method.

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Make a Colorful Net

In Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama's painting Infinity Net, a semi-circle repeats to make a net-like pattern covering the paint underneath. Kusama loves round shapes, like circles and semi-circles, and feels that they're very powerful. Today we'll make a net painting inspired by Yayoi Kusama's.

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Yoga Poses

Yoga uses movement and breathing techniques to connect the mind, body, and spirit. Originating in India, yoga has been practiced in different forms since ancient times. In this exercise, we will highlight three types of yoga by practicing simple poses you can do at home to improve your overall health and mood.

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Make Your Own Salt Dough

Salt dough is a homemade version of playdough or clay that you can make from common ingredients found in the kitchen. Making your own salt dough can be a fun project for the whole family. Once your salt dough is ready, use your creative skills to make colorful sculptures.

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Exploring Space-Time in 3D

The Baltimore Museum of Art’s sculpture garden is home to a collection of artworks by various artists exploring different ideas in the outdoors. One of the works is Construction 140 (1971) by José Ruiz de Rivera. The artist was interested in space-time, an idea in mathematics that joins space and time into one idea, called a continuum, which helps scientists understand very large things, like galaxies, and very small things, like atoms.

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Soap Carving | The Face of a Pharoah

Over 3,200 years ago, a stone carver in Egypt used a variety of hand tools to sculpt an image of Pharaoh Ramesses II (1303–1213 BCE). He and many other stone carvers worked together to create magnificent relief sculptures on the exterior of buildings in the pharaoh’s city.

You can create your own relief sculpture at home using a good old-fashioned bar of soap. When you're done, wash your hands.

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Make a Conversation Plate

Kerry James Marshall uses phrases like "Black is Beautiful" and "Black Power" in his art to bring attention to issues about Black Americans. He put these words onto plates to that you would view the words differently than if you read them somewhere else. Download the project to learn how to make your own conversation plates.

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Make an Environmental Poem

Bruce Nauman uses a variety of mediums to create sculpture, printmaking, photography, video, and performance art. For Violins, Violence, Silence, Nauman was inspired by neon signs in storefront windows. For this week’s activity, let’s take a walk and find some words in your neighborhood.

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Make a Friendship Mosaic

The ancient city of Antioch, founded about 2,300 years ago, and was home to artists and craftsmen who constructed the famous Antioch Mosaics. To make the mosaics, large pieces of stone were carefully cut into thousands of small squares and arranged by color to create a variety of patterns and images. Download the the project to learn how to make your own mosaic design.

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Mindful Drawing

Have you ever tried to work, but just couldn't concentrate? Some artists use mindful drawing to focus on the present moment and use their full concentration to create works of art. Try mindful drawing before starting your homework or a class project.

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Make an Installation of Feelings

German artist Katharina Grosse makes work that inspires feelings of wonder and curiosity, encouraging people to think differently about themselves and the world around them. Today's project is inspired by Grosse's installation Is It You?

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Make a Shaped Canvas

What does it mean to be inspired? When something or someone inspires us, we see things differently. Today’s activity is designed to inspire you to create your own uniquely shaped canvas. Artists use canvases as a surface for drawings and paintings. A traditional canvas is usually a square or rectangle, but imagine the possibilities if you decided it could be any shape that inspired you.

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Mindful Listening to Music

It can be hard to stay focused with so many distractions in our lives. Practicing mindful listening as a family can build connections and help family members get in touch with their thoughts and feelings. Today, we will practice mindful listening to music, inspired by the work and musical favorites of artist Valerie Maynard.

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Make a Rain Stick

You can make music with anything! Put your creative skills to use and make your own instrument—a rain stick—using items from around the house.

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Make a Kaleidoscope

The word kaleidoscope comes from three Greek words: kalos meaning beautiful, eïdos meaning form, and skopeïn meaning to view. A kaleidoscope has multiple mirrors or shiny surfaces that reflect one another. When you look through one end, you can see beautiful colors and ever-changing shapes created by the reflections.

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Make a Mini Playground Sculpture

In this activity, we’ll use bold colors and shapes to create a miniature playground sculpture. What colors are playful to you? Which shapes bring you joy? What is your favorite part of a playground? Think about these details as you create your sculpture.

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Creative Writing

Writing is a fun way to test your imagination, but finding something to write about can be challenging. To kickstart your creative process, let’s take a look at The Game of Knucklebones by French painter Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin. This painting was made 286 years ago and features a young woman playing a game called knucklebones, which is very similar to the game we now call jacks. In this activity, we will use visual clues in the painting to write a story about the young woman in it.

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Make a Courage Bracelet

In this activity, we’ll make a courage bracelet that you can wear when you want to feel brave.

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Create a Photo Portrait

In this project, you’ll create photo portraits and learn ways to help the person you are photographing feel comfortable with you. You’ll also get pointers on how to spotlight their personality or interesting details about them.

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Meditation is a practice that people use to help them focus and create positive connections between their mind and body. In this meditation, we will focus on finding personal peace and meditate on love and kindness.

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Make a Miniature Sketchbook

Many artists carry a sketchbook everywhere they go. Your sketchbook is a safe space to express your feelings through drawing, writing, or in any way you choose. Today, we will create a miniature sketchbook small enough to fit in your pocket.

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The Guanyin followed the Buddha’s rules for good living and was given the chance to live in Nirvana, a world of never-ending happiness. However, the Guanyin instead chose to stay in this world and help all living creatures through difficult times.

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Make Your Own Watercolor Dye with Coffee

Did you know that you can make your own dye? Artist Shinique Smith created the sculpture Grace Stands Beside using clothes collected from Baltimore residents. During the process of making her sculptures, she often dyes fabrics to change or enhance their colors. Take an up-close look at the sculpture.

Artists sometimes make their own materials to create a work of art. Using Shinique Smith’s process as inspiration, let's make our own watercolor dye with coffee.

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Color Me | Striding Lion

Hi! I am the museum’s 1,600-year-old pet lion. It’s great to meet you. What a long journey—I came from a lost city in present day Turkey that was buried under ground for a long time. Thankfully, archaeologists found me and brought me to the BMA. The original artists made me from tiny squares of colored stones and included some of my friends, favorite fruits, and flowers in the squares around my body.

You can color me in using crayons, colored pencils, pens, or markers. Get creative. Make up your own design or follow the design in the photo.

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Support for Free Family Sundays at Home is generously provided by Wilmington Trust and Art Bridges.

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