Partnership Programs

The BMA is proud to welcome thousands of students and teachers from Baltimore City and Baltimore County Public Schools each year. We offer opportunities to partner with us in pairing your classroom curriculum to your museum visit.

Close Encounters is supported by Maryland State Department of Education and The Goldsmith Family Foundation.

Baltimore City Public Schools Partnerships

Close Encounters: Multiple-visit program for 4th Grade

Close Encounters is a multiple-visit program with Baltimore City Public Schools that supports close looking, creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking skills inspired by the works of art in the BMA collection. Fourth grade students participate in a pre-visit classroom experience, engage in three interactive tours of artworks in the Museum, and create original artworks in a studio setting.

Close Encounters Baltimore City Public Schools submit applications in the Spring for participation in the following school year. To apply to become a Close Encounters school, please contact Suzy Wolffe, Manager of Tour Experiences at

Free Buses to the BMA!

The BMA is delighted to partner with Arts Every Day to cover the cost of transportation for a limited number of Baltimore City Public School classes visiting for one-time school tours. If you are interested in being considered for a free bus, please indicate this on your tour request form.

Baltimore County Public Schools Partnership

Literacy Through Art

Literacy through Art (LTA) is an early learning program that fosters interdisciplinary learning among pre-K and kindergarten students by encouraging creative conversations about art. It is developed and administered by Baltimore County Public Schools and addresses both Common Core ELA Standards and National Visual Arts Anchor Standards.

This curriculum supports early learners in the classroom and offers extensions for learning at home. Students love to visit the BMA, so that they can see the art and ideas that they've explored in class and at home at the museum.

For more information on the LTA program, please contact the Office of Fine Arts, Baltimore County Public Schools, at 410-887-4030.

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