Gentrification k(NOT) Movie: A Film Screening and Conversation about Displacement in Baltimore: Open Hours

March 19 · 1:00pm – 2:30pm

The Gentrification (k)NOT Movie is a documentary that explores gentrification while in the Station North area of Baltimore. The film examines the meaning of the term gentrification and how it is part of a system that displaces people from their homes and neighborhoods when a neighborhood undergoes great demographic change. Filmmaker Judith Lombardi, a social worker turned sociology professor turned social documentarian, will facilitate an audience discussion after the screening.

About Open Hours

Open Hours is a monthly program hosted at the BMA. The public is invited to propose events, workshops, lectures, and experiences to take place in the new Joseph Education Center. Open Hours events are about creating community together through conversations, exchange and learning. It is a time to share what the program organizer knows and cares about, and build relationships with others.

Open Hours are free and open to the Public.

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