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Open Hours: Bahay-Bahayan

December 16 · 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Join chef and musician Dylan Ubaldo of Calasag Pop-Up and Llamadon for an artist talk and food sampling in BMA’s Joseph Education Center classroom.

“Bahay-Bahayan” is an indigenous Filipino game in which children “play house," setting roles and imagining friends to be a part of their family. Traditional Filipino games utilize native and found materials to create activities with little resources. Dylan will explore this concept through the lens of a second generation Filipino American navigating through creative industries in America. Dylan is an organizer, chef, and musician working to discover the intersections of food and music in Baltimore.

Dylan will discuss the role DIY organizing has played in creating communities around music and food. He will share how experiences in the music industry have prepared him to venture into cultivating his own food business, and how the advent of a Filipino food movement in America can’t forget its roots. This talk will examine the power of food and music to stimulate global community and create homes away from home. The event will end with a free sampling of Calasag Pop-Up's Filipino dishes.

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Dylan Ubaldo.

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