Open Hours: Strvnge Encounters: You Are Enough

November 18 · 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Free, Limited Seating

Strvnge Encounters is a Baltimore-based community oriented platform that is innovative, fluid, and forever in motion. This place aims to include and open the space to every person, wherever they may be in their journey, and build a home with them. This concept of home, within Strvnge Encounters, is nurtured with tender love and care by Aayesha Aijaz. Aayesha is an instinctual artist, healer, and storyteller. She is the first born of immigrant parents, Muslim, and a woman of color. She aims to break the silence that surrounds mental illness, sexual and domestic assault, community accountability, and more.

In this healing session, we will discuss the impact of one's childhood in their adult life. Specifically, how certain traumas or situations have shaped individuals. We will also take part in an activity where we describe our childhood home, how we feel about it now, and what things we would like to continue building our own life upon, and things that we would change in the life we create for ourselves. Throughout this workshop we will be creating tangible art that all participants will be able to take home. Participants can choose from a variety of options.

For more information, or to propose a program for Open Hours, please contact Dave Eassa at or 443-573-1828.

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Aayesha Aijaz. Photo by J.M. Giordano.

Open Hours are generously sponsored by PNC Bank.

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