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Open Hours: Protecting Your Right to Live Where You Choose

August 19 · 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Home is often the center of many people’s lives, where you have dinner with friends, where your children take their first steps, where you work and create. Imagine if the right to choose where you live and the right to enjoy where you live were stripped away because of illegal discrimination.

Join Baltimore Neighborhoods Inc. for a presentation, Q&A, and discussion on federal and local laws surrounding fair housing. We will discuss what constitutes discrimination, who is protected and what we can do to reduce the negative impact of housing discrimination in our communities. Additionally one of BNI’s Tenant/Landlord Counselors will be providing information on laws governing renters and housing providers in the state of Maryland. This presentation is ideal for community stakeholders, community leaders, advocacy groups, and concerned citizens looking to increase their knowledge of fair housing and tenant/landlord matters in Maryland.

This event is sponsored by the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Housing Authority of Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development, and Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Lauren Jackson at or (410)576-1259.

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Open Hours are generously sponsored by PNC Bank.

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