Open Hours: Nela

May 19 · 2:00pm – 4:00pm
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New Baltimore food startup Nela brings sustainably sourced, hand-cut panela sugar to the United States. Hear from Nela founder Ravi Chhatani on the company's partnerships with Colombian farmers, its diverse leadership team, and his decision to move from Peru to Maryland 13 years ago.

Open Hours is a monthly program hosted at the BMA with topics proposed by the public. Events promote community and connect to the theme of home as explored in the exhibition Imagining Home.

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Left: Ravi Chhatani. Right: Rogério Marques.

Open Hours are generously sponsored by PNC Bank.

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Hear from Ravi Chhatani, founder of new Baltimore food startup Nela, on bringing sustainably sourced panela sugar to the United States.