Black Box: Camille Henrot

From March 5, 2014 — June 15, 2014

[Grosse Fatigue features] ... an expanding field of images that pop up, roil, collide, and implode across a computer screen, a digital tabula rasa that itself perpetually reinvents the world...


The BMA is the first museum in the US to present French artist Camille Henrot’s Grosse Fatigue, winner of the Silver Lion Award at the 2013 Venice Biennale. The energetic 13-minute video on the origins of life and creation myths incorporates behind-the-scenes footage of the prestigious collections at the Smithsonian Institute's Museum of Natural History.

Images of these anthropological objects, often manipulated by colorfully manicured hands, are presented in a rapid succession of desktop computer frames. The film's bold spoken-word soundtrack set to a driving hip-hop beat mixes scientific history with creation stories belonging to religious, hermetic, and oral traditions.

The exhibition is organized by Curator of Contemporary Art Kristen Hileman and presented in collaboration with The Johns Hopkins University Center for Advanced Media Studies.

Generously sponsored by Elaine and Solomon Snyder.