Diverging Streams: Eastern Nigerian Art

From April 26, 2015 — April 17, 2016

A new gallery for thematic exhibitions of African art debuts with the reopening of the collection galleries.

Diverging Streams: Eastern Nigerian Art features nearly 20 headdresses, masks, and costumes from the eastern Nigerian region of Africa, demonstrating the exchange between the Igbo, Jukun, Igala, Ogoni, Boki, Idoma, Ibibio, and Ejagham artists who lived between the Benue and Cross rivers.

A headdress topped with two heads facing away from each other.

Headcrest with Two Faces. Early 20th century. Boki or Keaka region, Cross Rivers state, Nigeria. Collection of Toby and Barry Hecht, Bethesda, Maryland, R.17545.8