Black Box: Raqs Media Collective

From February 27, 2013 — June 16, 2013

The BMA's new Black Box gallery is a showcase for contemporary light, sound, and moving image works by artists from Baltimore and beyond. In collaboration with The Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Advanced Media Studies, the Museum is presenting two contemplative videos by artists-in-residence Raqs Media Collective that give a contemporary twist to historical images of India.

An Afternooon Unregistered on the Richter Scale (2011) is a silent projection that uses subtle animation techniques to bring to life a 1911 photograph. Sleepwalker's Caravan (2008) shows traditionally carved Yaksha and Yakshi figures floating down a river flanked by contemporary industrial sites.

The New Delhi, India-based Raqs was founded in 1992 by Monica Narula (born 1969), Jeebesh Bagchi (born 1965), and Shuddhabrata Sengupta (born 1968).