Front Room: Surreal Selves

From February 16, 2013 — June 9, 2013

The Front Room's innovative, exciting, and diverse contemporary art exhibitions and projects offer visitors opportunities to experience an ever-changing variety of new perspectives from emerging and mid-career artists.

Front Room: Surreal Selves presents 16 figurative paintings by three international artists influenced by old master techniques and pop culture. Their work suggests a resurgence of Surrealism with images that convey personal fantasies, nightmares, and new permutations for the human body in a technology-driven world. Sascha Braunig (Canadian, born 1983; currently based in Maine), Aya Uekawa (Japanese, born 1979; currently based in Beacon, NY), and Erik Thor Sandberg (American, born 1975; based in Washington, DC) are the featured artists.

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