BMA Friends Groups

Exclusively for BMA Members, participation in a Friends Group provides exclusive opportunities to visit private collections and artists's studios, connect with BMA curators and art experts, enjoy cultural outings to museums and galleries throughout the country, and much more.

Below, you'll find details about each BMA Friends group, including Friends of the American Wing (FoAW), Friends of Modern and Contemporary Art (FoMaCA), the Joshua Johnson Council (JJC), Prints, Drawings & Photographs Society (PDPS), and Friends of the Arts of Africa, the Pacific and the Americas (FAPA), and the benefits of joining each group. For more information, call 443-573-1745 or e-mail

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Friends of the American Wing (FoAW)

As a FoAW Member there’s a real opportunity to have in-depth encounters with works of art, both familiar and unfamiliar.

- David Park Curry, Senior Curator of Decorative Arts, American Painting & Sculpture and liaison to FoAW

Founded in 1970, the FoAW is a dedicated group of BMA Members who support the preservation and growth of the BMA’s important collections of decorative arts and American painting and sculpture. Proceeds from FoAW dues and fundraising activities are used for the acquisition of outstanding examples of fine art, as well as the scholarly and educational activities of the Museum.

FoAW Benefits
  • A lecture and reception series featuring nationally renowned scholars, curators, and dealers
  • Travel to contemporary art destinations
  • Educational and study trips
  • Social events held in local historic buildings and collectors' homes
  • Opportunities to interact with curators from the Department of Decorative Arts and American Painting and Sculpture
Join FoAW 443-573-1768

Friends of Modern and Contemporary Art (FoMaCA)

FoMaCA Members want to experience a stronger tie to Baltimore's community of creative individuals.

- Kristen Hileman, Curator of Contemporary Art and FoMaCA liaison

FoMaCA Members develop and enrich their understanding of modern and contemporary art, support significant programs and exhibitions that broaden understanding of the art of our time, and contribute to acquisitions that enhance the BMA's collection of contemporary art.

FoMaCA Benefits
  • Exclusive access to private collections
  • Travel to contemporary art destinations
  • VIP passes to major art fairs (subject to availability)
  • Private curatorial tours of exhibitions
  • Studio and gallery visits
  • Lectures and gallery talks
  • Special opportunities to interact with BMA curators
  • Conversations about the art market with collectors and industry professionals
Join FoMACA 443-573-1761

Joshua Johnson Council (JJC)

There is a real sense of community among the members of JJC who all share a passion for African-American and African art.

JJC is one of the oldest African-American museum support groups in the country. Named after an 18th-century African-American portrait painter who lived and worked in Maryland, its mission is to forge meaningful connections between Baltimore’s African-American communities and the BMA by promoting and highlighting the achievements of African-American artists.

JJC Benefits

JJC Membership offers a wide range of opportunities for active participation within a network of friends and colleagues dedicated to art, education, community, and family. JJC programs and meetings take place on the second Thursday of each month at 6 p.m.

JJC programs include:

  • Conversations with artists, curators, collectors, and gallery owners
  • Summer internship program
  • Studio and gallery visits
  • Art acquisitions
  • Jazz in the Sculpture Garden
Join JJC 443-573-1816

Print, Drawing & Photograph Society (PDPS)

PDPS combines education and camaraderie. We’re artists, collectors, docents, teachers, and students, but we’re all united in our common interest - works on paper.

- Rena Hoisington, Curator and Department Head, Department of Prints, Drawings & Photographs

PDPS fosters interest in the appreciation, collecting, and study of prints, drawings, and photographs, both historic and contemporary. Join PDPS to gain access to many exciting opportunities and events.

PDPS Benefits
  • The Biennial Baltimore Contemporary Print Fair
  • A winter seminar series taught by BMA curators
  • Artist talks such as Jim Dine, Vija Celmins, and Robert Mangold
  • Exclusive curator-led tours of BMA exhibitions
  • Visits to private collections and artists' studios
  • Cultural outings to other museums, galleries, and art centers
  • Meeting other art enthusiasts
  • Developing connections with BMA curators and art experts
  • Gaining insights to start or refine your own collection
  • Supporting the BMA
  • A subscription to the bi-annual PDPS Newsletter. View the Fall and Spring issues from 2017.
Join PDPS 443-573-1789

Friends of the Arts of Africa, the Pacific and the Americas (FAPA)

FAPA supports the BMA’s pioneering and dynamic collections of art from Africa, the Pacific, and the Americas and promotes interest in the art of these cultures within the diverse communities of Baltimore. Members enjoy curator-led tours of exhibitions, special museum events, small group consultations, and visits to private collections.

FAPA Benefits
  • Opportunities to interact with curators from the Department of the Arts of Africa, the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific Islands
  • Exclusive access to private collections of art from Africa, the Pacific and the Americas
  • Lectures from local and visiting experts
  • Private tours of museums and collections throughout the region
  • Special viewings of works in the collection not currently on display
  • Behind-the-scenes events at the BMA, including workshops with conservators, registrars, and curators
Join FAPA 443-573-1745