Serving the BMA

The Baltimore Museum of Art’s Board of Trustees offers leadership that fosters support for our mission to connect art to Baltimore, and Baltimore to the world. This diverse group is comprised of regional and national leaders in art, philanthropy, and business who are deeply engaged and committed to ensuring the long-term strength of the BMA.

Fiscal Year 2022 Board of Trustees


Clair Zamoiski Segal, Chair
James D. Thornton, Vice Chair
Patricia H. Joseph, Vice Chair
Susan B. Katzenberg, Vice Chair & Treasurer
Frederick Singley Koontz, Immediate Past Chair
Darius Graham, Secretary
Amy Elias, Vice President
David Warnock, Vice President
Amy Frenkil Meadows, Vice President
Nancy Dorman, Vice President
John Meyerhoff, Vice President
Lisa Harris Jones, Assistant Vice President

Executive Committee

Clair Zamoiski Segal
James D. Thornton
Patricia H. Joseph
Susan B. Katzenberg
Darius Graham
Frederick Singley Koontz
Lisa Harris Jones
Ellen R. Dame
Nancy L. Dorman
Amy Elias
Amy Frenkil Meadows
John Meyerhoff
David Wallace
David Warnock
Kwame Webb


Will Backstrom
Rheda Becker
Michael Brown
Adam Burch
Sharon Butler
Ellen R. Dame
Nancy L. Dorman
Amy Elias
Nupur Parekh Flynn
Denise Galambos
John A. Gilpin
Joanne Gold
Amy Gould
Darius Graham
Nancy Hackerman
Pamela Hoehn-Saric
Elizabeth Hurwitz
Sherrilyn Ifill
Lori N. Johnson
Lisa Harris Jones
Patricia H. Joseph
Susan B. Katzenberg
Frederick Singley Koontz
Patricia Lasher
Brooke Lierman
Amy Frenkil Meadows
John Meyerhoff
Sheela Murthy
Fiona Ong
Rhonda Overby
Steven Pulimood
Kate Schulze
Alan Schwartz
Clair Zamoiski Segal
Michael Sherman
Stuart O. Simms
Anne L. Stone
James D. Thornton
David W. Wallace
David Warnock
John Waters
Kwame Webb

Honorary Trustees

Alexander C. Baer
Constance R. Caplan
Kathryn (Lynn) Deering
Janet E. Dunn
Sandra Levi Gerstung
Katherine M. Hardiman
Margot W.M. Heller
Louise P. Hoblitzell
Freeman A. Hrabowski III
Mary B. Hyman
Jeanette Kimmel
Jeffrey A. Legum
James S. Riepe
Frederica K. Saxon
Jean Silber
Louis B. Thalheimer
Ellen W.P. Wasserman

National Trustees

Sylvia de Cuevas
Monroe Denton
Barbara Duthuit
Phillips Hathaway
Joseph Holtzman
Edward S. Pantzer

Ex-Officio Trustees

The Honorable Barry Glassman
The Honorable Stephen A. Wantz
The Honorable John Olszewski
The Honorable Steuart Pittman
The Honorable Larry Hogan
The Honorable Bill Henry
The Honorable Calvin Ball III
The Honorable Brandon M. Scott
The Honorable Nick Mosby