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Art-To-Go is a monthly activity designed to provide teachers with a fun, free resource for the classroom. Every month from October to May, you can check back here, or sign up to receive an email with the latest activity. Each Art-To-Go comes with a printable full-color image of a BMA artwork, background on the collection item, and an activity designed around a single, important, teachable idea.

Most Recent Activities

The Flowering of Long Life and Health

Looking closely at this fl ower-like object, you may notice that it has two layers of what could be petals (12 in total) that swirl in a counter-clockwise direction.

From Architecture to Art

Start by looking at the solid navy square in the center of this work and let your eye travel outward to take in the progressively larger squares delineated in thin stripes—like frames for paintings or photos.

What's in a flag?

A collection of brightly colored flags hangs from the ceiling in Stephanie Syjuco's Rogue States—each one with a distinct design.

Shedding Light on a Loved One

Henry Ossawa Tanner described this painting as “a hurried study of my dear father,” a remarkably humble assessment of this beautifully rendered and sensitive portrait.

Designing in Crisis

The Traction Leg Splint pictured is the result of the designers Charles and Ray Eames using their experience making furniture with plywood to craft a new kind of leg splint for injured soldiers during World War II.

Adornment and Identity

Though this vest—designed for a boy—is small, it is rich with beadwork designs in red, white, blue, and green against a background of clear glass beads on leather.

Mother Power and Protection

This polished wood sculpture depicts a young woman sitting proudly with mirrored eyes, iron earrings, and an elegant high cap. At her midsection sits a rounded, mirrored area.

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