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Conservator Lauren Ross at a demonstration with museum members

Science Behind the Art

The Conservation Department at the BMA is dedicated to preserving the Museum’s diverse collections and other works in its care, with staff members specializing in the conservation of paintings, frames, three-dimensional objects and sculpture, and works on paper and photographs. BMA conservators conduct scientific research on artists’ materials and techniques, study deterioration mechanisms, and develop and carry out conservation treatments to address issues that compromise the aesthetic and structural integrity of artworks. Our conservators also work closely with the Museum’s curators to better understand and advise on the condition of objects proposed for acquisition, display, and loan, and with the Museum’s Education team to engage the public and share insights into our work with Museum audiences.

Conservation team members collaborate across museum departments to address a wide range of preservation issues, such as museum lighting and climate control, object storage and transport, disaster preparedness, and integrated pest management—all to help ensure that the objects entrusted to our care survive for future generations.

Check back in the months ahead as we add resources to enable visitors to learn more about art conservation and the preservation of our shared cultural heritage.