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BMA Violet Hour: SAFRA/Primitive Tongues

Join us on the Museum’s front steps for a live BMA Violet Hour inspired by Women Behaving Badly: 400 Years of Power & Protest. Experience an original sound art and dance performance by SAFRA/Primitive Tongues, based on her ongoing project Matrimonial.

Sold Out. The program will also stream live via Facebook and YouTube.

Rain date: Thursday, October 28 at 6pm


About Matrimonial

What would the world look like if mothering was embraced by every living thing on this earth? From the perspective of the internal human experience, what if we embraced the dual nature of ourselves that could reshape and re-educate the socialization of what a Matriarchy is to see restoration in humanity? To understand mothering, in terms of mattering and the symbiosis of both, what if we believe everything mattered.

Matrimonial. Matriarchy. Mother making and mother ruling. If the rule of mothering was inherited from our own mother and we are made in its likeness, we would be earthen, we would be creation, we would be our mother’s nature, naturally.

What does that world look like?

What does Matriarchal Matrimony look like?

This performance asks and provides an offering to that question.


About SAFRA/Primitive Tongues

SAFRA/Primitive Tongues is a multimedia holistic art form that practices the art of indigenous storytelling to convey the many worlds they exist in. SAFRA is the shapeshifter, a hybrid of “GodHeads.” She transforms herself into her primordial state, her first incarnation in which she embodies the divine dark feminine. Their movements are an expression of the occult and sacred forms of life beyond the human world and allows her to not just shapeshift her physical body but the energies she occupies and all those who witness. Primitive Tongues is a primordial messenger, an ancestor of the African Sibyl or Prophetess. She utters with her sacred heca ancestral messages to enable a global spiritual intervention. She stakes claim to the body she lives in and land she lives on in order for Black/Indigenous peoples to reclaim sovereignty and healing for themselves. SAFRA/Primitive Tongues is an activist and focuses on being a love-body to the world, a medicine woman of dark light and deep truth, reinforcing the ushering of a Matriarchal future.


The Details

Location BMA Main Campus 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Cost Free