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Community Day: The Culture

Celebrate the public opening of The Culture: Hip Hop and Contemporary Art in the 21st Century with an event for the entire family that explores the impact and influence of hip hop on music, performing arts, fashion, and technology.

Enjoy free access to the exhibition and become a part of the music during Sonic Alchemy, a beat-making experience with Blakwater House. Catch pop-up fashion moments throughout the galleries featuring looks by local artists and fashion designers Brandi Lewis, Evette Monique Couture, and Bryan Robinson of The Black Genius Art Show. Get a taste of vegan soul food by The Land of Kush and cuisine by Blacksauce Kitchen. Chill out with the Taharka Brothers Ice Cream Truck and experience local B-boy and B-girl moves with dancers Talbolt Johnson, Dushyanthi, and Gala.

Free for all ages!


10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Free admission all day to The Culture: Hip Hop and Contemporary Art in the 21st Century
Special Exhibition Galleries

1-5 p.m.

Visit the Hip Hop Public Health table to learn about HeartSmiles, a community organization with a mission to give Baltimore youth genuine opportunities to succeed in life through mentorship, leadership development, and career exploration
Antioch Court

1:30-3:30 p.m.

Chill out with the Taharka Brothers Ice Cream Truck
Merrick Entrance Steps

2:00-4:30 p.m.

Engage in Sonic Alchemy, a beat-making activity with Blakwater House
Fox Court

2:00 p.m.

Experience B-boy and B-girl dance moves with Talbolt Johnson, Dushyanthi, and Gala
Merrick Entrance Steps

2:30 p.m.-3:30pm

Taste vegan soul food by The Land of Kush and cuisine inspired by the African diaspora from Blacksauce Kitchen
Antioch Court

2:30 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Catwalk the Museum with local fashion designers Brandi Lewis, Evette Monique Couture, and Bryan Robinson of The Black Genius Art Show
BMA Galleries


Blacksauce Kitchen

Blacksauce Kitchen is an institution in Baltimore City. It is best known, without a doubt, for serving delicious biscuits and sandwiches under a tent at bustling local farmers’ markets. Additionally, the small business churns out rotating menus from its counter service restaurant on 29th Street in Remington and caters to an array of events in and around the city. Finding inspiration in the people, ingredients, stories, and traditions that constitute the African diaspora, Blacksauce strives to make intentional, down-home food – food that helps people remember.

The Black Genius Art Show – Bryan Robinson

Bryan Robinson is an educator, multifaceted media artist, and curator of slickness. He was born, raised and superhero’d in Baltimore, Maryland. He has a background in film, 2D animation, and Business Marketing. Robinson feels the blank canvas is just another portal to which his stories can be told. Robinson is a self-taught artist who operates in “The Random.” He compares his work to a mixture of the Mona Lisa and the morning cartoons of the 80’s. Robinson is inspired by the works of artists like Emory Douglas, Melvin Van Peebles, Jean Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring. Under the motto “Create Everyday,” Robinson has over 200 original illustrations (acrylic/oil-based paintings), a collection of wearable Garments based on his unique characters and an assortment of animated projects in the works. Robinson currently works with school-based programs, universities, youth groups, galleries, art initiatives, and community-based organizations throughout the states to further The Black Genius Art Show. He has showcased his work throughout the states and partnered with brands such as VANS for nationwide releases.

Blakwater House

Kariz Marcel is a New York-born, Baltimore-based music producer and social entrepreneur. His roots sprouted from 90’s Hip-Hop, Go-Go, and Baltimore Club Music. In 2008 he founded Kariz Kids Youth Enrichment Services, an after-school program in Baltimore, DC, and New York during its 10 years in business. After being one of over 4000 applicants, he made it to the final 25 for the 2019 One Beat Program, an international cultural diplomacy exchange organization partnering with the US State Department that brings socially inspired musicians together worldwide to tour and collaborate on musical ideas and projects. Marcel was elected as the 2020 Advisor for the DC Grammy Chapter. This position gave him a voice in entertainment and philanthropy at a time when the music industry was briefly reshaped into a more socially conscious environment, leading to the new “Best Song for Social Change” category in the Grammy’s. In the spring of 2020, Kariz and his wife B.FLY opened Blakwater House located in the Bromo Arts District. This space is created to provide experiences for both the consumer and the creative to co-exist and allow for organic creative exchange to happen. This is currently his studio and has evolved into a true staple and hub for artists all over the city and abroad. From creating chart-hitting records to building successful music programs across the country, Kariz is now venturing into scaling with the New York City education system with the help of music industry professionals and established recording artists.

Evette Monique Couture

As a child, I would sometimes imagine a world filled with beautiful people in or surrounded by exaggerated shapes and pretty colors. As an adult I find myself tapping in on that same vision and using it to birth my fashion masterpieces. Drama and an interesting backstory are usually the inspiration for my collections.

The Land of Kush

The Land of Kush Vegan Soul Bistro is one of Baltimore’s premier restaurants. We specialize in Vegan Soul Food such as Vegan BBQ Rib Tips, Smoked Collard Greens, Vegan Mac & Cheese, Vegan Crab Cakes, smoothies, and fresh pressed juices. The Land of Kush has been in business for just over 12 years. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are not just a restaurant, we are a social enterprise. We take our services into the community and provide cooking demos, lectures, etc. on healthy living. Over the past 12 years, The Land of Kush has had the opportunity to serve individuals such as Stevie Wonder, Angela Davis, Danny Glover, and Chili from TLC, along with a host of professional athletes, local politicians, and other celebrities from across the globe. We invite you to experience The Land of Kush whenever your soul needs nourishing.

Brandi Lewis

Brandi Lewis began her career in Fashion Design, Art, and Styling in 2003 while attending The Art Institute of Philadelphia. While exploring the different levels of Art and Fashion, she started making t-shirts in her dorm room and selling them. After perfecting her craft and building client relationships over the years, the gifted wearable artiste launched her brand, Syeko Design House in 2010. Her concept, “Syeko”, is best described as Striking Art and Sustainable Garments that are inspired by God, Glam and Extreme Art, the brand embodies Avant Garde concepts and sartorial extremes.

Taharka Bros

Taharka Brothers is well known for serving up classic flavors along with a constantly evolving roster of delightful, small-batch flavors beloved in Baltimore. Taharka Brothers’ award-winning ice cream is widely known for their unique social mission, focused on creating an impactful, profitable business managed and operated by young adults from Baltimore.

Dancers: Talbolt Johnson, Dushyanthi, and Gala

Talbolt Johnson is a visionary, dancer, dreamer, and advocate for human healing and development. Training at Maryland Institute College of Art, he was poised for a career as a professional painter, when he discovered his aptitude for movement and dance. Talbolt has performed and trained Breakdance and Pop-Lock Dance throughout the country. Throughout his travels, life experiences, and training in Black cultural histories and traditions, he has maintained his commitment to the community here in Baltimore. In his work with youth and adults, Talbolt has developed his own methodology for fostering lasting impact in the lives of those he teaches. Through his art, dance, writing, and teaching, Talbolt explores the human imagination, body, and mythos. He is an artist, philosopher, educator, and avid student and servant of life and the human soul.

Dushyanthi/“Dark Phoenix” is a Licensed psychotherapist who is working on becoming a certified dance therapist. Her goal is to fuse mindfulness and somatic healing so that trauma is released from the body and mind. She classifies herself as a free-form dancer who embraces elements of many different styles such as waaking/whacking, b-girling (hip hop), jazz, and modern. She has trained at Dance Place (D.C.), Joy of Motion (D.C.), Urban Artistry, and with Culture Shock Dance Troupe (D.C.), to name a few professional dance organizations. She has also taken workshops with Tyrone Proctor, Booda Monk, and Mr. Wiggles, to name a few. Dushyanthi promotes wellness through radical self-acceptance and mindfulness, in the form of movement that is free of judgment from oneself.

Gala (they/them) is a Baltimore breaker. Growing up in Miami, they have been dancing since youth and were trained in ballet and contemporary movement. They were a dancer with the JHU modern dance ensemble for 2 years. When they moved to Baltimore in 2015, they began breaking, their classical background influencing their style using unique threads and abstract movements, creating angles with their long limbs and using their flexibility. They are a member of the Baltimore breaking crew Deadly Venoms, est. 1996. They are working on growing the DMV b-girl and queer breaker scene and connecting b-girls and queer breakers nationally and locally to grow support systems. They are now dipping their toes in all styles and began krumping with their new krump family in Miami, C.N.Y.

Hip Hop Public Health and HeartSmiles

Hip Hop Public Health creates research-based educational resources by harnessing the power of music and culture to improve health in communities that are underserved. We work in partnership with community organizations with similar aims, such as HeartSmiles. HeartSmiles’ mission is to give Baltimore youth genuine opportunities to succeed in life through mentorship, leadership development, career exploration, and more as a means to overcome their circumstances because we know that too many forgotten neighborhoods are overrun with drug addiction, crime, prostitution, and low expectations for life. HeartSmiles demonstrates that every life has meaning and value, regardless of where it was born.

Image: Megan Lewis. Fresh Squeezed Lemonade. 2022. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Myrtis © Megan Lewis. Original image by Deon Jackson

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