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Histories Collide: A Tasting & Making Workshop

Join us at BMA Lexington Market as we create jewelry inspired by the artwork of Jackie Milad and enjoy a tasting with Plum Good Spice and Tea Salon.

Following an open call, a jury selected Jackie Milad of Baltimore as one of two artists to create a new work in dialogue with Fred Wilson’s sculpture Artemis/Bast (1992) that engaged with the question: “What images and thoughts emerge when myths and histories collide?”

Milad drew from the influence of her Honduran and Egyptian background to create colorful pieces that merge cultural symbolism through a collage of mediums. Her installation is on view now through March 17, 2024 at the BMA in Histories Collide: Jackie Milad x Fred Wilson x Nekisha Durrett

In this workshop led by Shantel Velisia “Nubia” Faulkner and Maria Paula Rodriguez, attendees will have the opportunity to create jewelry inspired by Milad’s art, considering themes seen in her artistry and working with some of the same techniques.


This program will be held in the Baltimore Room, located on the upper level near the Eutaw Street entrance at Lexington Market (112 N. Eutaw Street, Baltimore, MD 21201).

Participating Artists

Angela Chester-Johnson, Plum Good Spice and Tea Salon

Angela Chester-Johnson currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Plum Good LLC, founded by Angela in 2011. Specializing in ethically-sourced spices and spice blends, dried and loose teas, delicious sauces, and rubs, as well as spiced popcorn, Plum Good Spice and Tea Salon is a merger of Angela’s passion and a nod to her background in travel and trade. In addition to being an avid herbal gardener and cook, Angela has enjoyed a long career in international affairs as a technical writer, child and maternal health policy analyst, Africa advocate, as well as a trade and business development consultant traveling throughout the world extensively in service of private and governmental clients in the trade and development arena.

Maria Paula Rodriguez

Maria Paula Rodriguez is a multi-disciplinary artist born in El Salvador on June 10, 1998, who moved to the U.S. with her mother when she was 15 in pursuit of a better life. In her personal works, Maria blends her painting skills with fashion. Her art ranges from paintings, to clothing, to pottery; all focusing on themes of identity, emotions, and storytelling. Maria’s artwork inspiration roots from her childhood in El Salvador, losing her sister to gang violence at an early age and her life as an immigrant. She paints with acrylics and makes use of bright, bold colors that symbolize hope and courage in her life. Painting has helped Maria heal her inner child and hopes that her artworks provide happiness and comfort to the people who see them.

Shantel Velisia “Nubia” Faulkner, Crowns of Nubia

Crowns of Nubia established in 1992, founded by artist, seamstress, and cosmetologist, Shantel Velisia “Nubia” Faulkner, has hand-crafted creations for 18 years. Located in the new Lexington Market, her jewelry designs are a mixture Egyptian, Moroccan, and oriental inference and use sterling silver, 14kt gold beads, pearls, cowry shells, semi-precious stones, and more to create highly energetic wearable pieces of art.

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Location BMA Lexington Market Cost Free

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