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The Renoir Returns


More than 60 years after its theft from the BMA, Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s On the Shore of the Seine (c. 1879) returns to public view! A special two-gallery exhibition reunites the 5½-by-9 inch painting with more than 20 masterworks bequeathed to the BMA by visionary Baltimore collector Saidie May, who purchased the Renoir in 1925.

Highlights of the two-gallery exhibition include masterworks such as Piet Mondrian’s Composition V (1927), Paul Klee’s Traveling Circus (1937), Joan Miró’s Portrait No. 1 (1938), and André Masson’s There Is No Finished World (1942), which demonstrate May’s role as an early champion of pivotal 20th-century artists.


Curated by Senior Curator of European Painting & Sculpture Katy Rothkopf.