Get craft ideas and downloadable art projects inspired by the Museum’s collection items. Each art project comes with the story behind the artwork or artist that inspired the project, the required materials, and the instructions.

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Make a Miniature Sketchbook

Many artists carry a sketchbook everywhere they go. We’ll show you how to create a mini sketchbook to record your feelings throughout the day.

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Crafting Handmade Beads

Today’s project teaches you how to roll your own beads to make a bracelet to give to a family member. You can choose colors that are special to you and your family.

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Soap Carving

Over 3,200 years ago, a stone carver in Egypt used a variety of hand tools to sculpt an image of Pharaoh Ramesses II (1303–1213 BCE). He and many other stone carvers worked together to create magnificent relief sculptures on the exterior of buildings in the pharaoh’s city. You can create your own relief sculpture at home using a good old-fashioned bar of soap.

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orange clay pot

Make a Clay Pot

In this project, you will use clay to make a coil pot by piecing together coil shapes. The coils may remind you of human hair–think about the many ways hair can be changed to create different styles.

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Mindful Drawing

Have you ever tried to work but just couldn’t concentrate? Some artists use mindful drawing to focus on the present moment and use their full concentration to create works of art. Try mindful drawing before starting your homework or a class project.

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Create a Creature Collage

For this project, you will create a collage of an imaginary creature with features that show its special abilities.

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outdoor sculpture garden

Make a Mini Playground Sculpture

In this activity, we’ll use bold colors and shapes to create a miniature playground sculpture. What colors are playful to you? Which shapes bring you joy? What is your favorite part of a playground? Think about these details as you create your sculpture.

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abstract painting

Make a Drawing of Feelings

Shapes and colors can create different feelings – the same way music does. In Bubbles, artist Thomas Hart Benton explores this idea using a style of painting called Synchronism. Synchronism encourages artists to create harmonies with colors and shapes to make paintings, similar to the way musicians create harmonies to make music. Today we will explore shapes, feelings, and colors and create a drawing.

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paper flower bouquet

Make a Paper Flower Bouquet

A still life is a painting or drawing of a group of objects (often fruit, flowers, or other items) arranged in any way the artist chooses. In New England Still Life, artist Rebecca Salsbury James painted an arrangement of flowers in a vase. Instead of painting on canvas or paper, the artist used a different approach: she painted on the back of a piece of glass. This method is called reverse glass painting. Rather than starting with the background, James first painted the fine details of the flowers, then the vase, and the background last. See how the petal of the white flower at the bottom right sits on top of the vase?

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