Enjoy an interactive tour of the Baltimore Museum of Art led by a BMA educator. Each virtual and on-site tour will highlight exciting works from across the Museum. All tours include art from around the world made by artists who are Black, Indigenous, people of color, women, or from other historically underrepresented groups.

All tours for students are free.

If your school budget allows, please consider making a suggested donation of $2 per student. All donations support the educational mission of the BMA.

Elementary School Tour Topics

Each of the tour topics below can be tailored to your grade level.

Artists Play

Explore how artists experiment with materials and techniques to make work that hangs on the wall, moves on the floor, or surrounds us!

Wild Nature

Explore the natural world through the eyes of artists. Examine the outdoors close up or capture it from far away and make connections to your own environment.


Use visual clues and your imaginations to explore what artworks tell us about people and personalities.

Artful Stories

Investigate how artists tell tales without words as we use detective skills to figure out settings, characters, and plots in their stories.

Moods and Feelings

Build empathy as we learn how artists use color and other techniques to create moods and convey feelings in artworks.

Middle School, High School & University Tour Topics

Each of the tour topics below can be tailored to your needs.


Investigate how artists express the complexity of people—who they are, how they have been seen, and how they wish to be known.


How does art express power? Whether examining religious and ritual objects, art that protests and critiques, or depictions of leaders, we will analyze how power is amplified by art.

Care and Community

How do we care for ourselves, each other, and our communities? Explore how artists from different time periods and places have answered these questions.

Virtual Visit Only! A Movement in Every Direction: Legacies of the Great Migration

Learn about the Great Migration as an historic event through photographs and artwork and explore its impact through newly commissioned artworks by 12 leading Black artists.