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We invited LaToya Hobbs, Jo Smail, and Erin Fostel—three exceptional Baltimore-based artists whose works are in the BMA collection—to visit Making Her Mark and share why they support the BMA as Members and how this exhibition impacts the arts landscape.

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“I appreciate the BMA’s mission to make the museum a more inclusive space by providing exhibits and programming that celebrate women and artists of color. I was impressed by the curation and scholarship presented in Making Her Mark. The language helped me gain new insight about women in the arts from a historical perspective. Though the exhibition focuses on European artists during a specific timeframe, I made connections to current perspectives and issues regarding the role of women artists today.” – LaToya Hobbs

“Baltimore was the first city we had ever been to in the U.S. after leaving South Africa and the BMA has changed and grown over the many years we have lived here. Now, I think our museum is one of the best in the United States. Making Her Mark is a testament to that! It seems, one could say, even at that time women were the backbone of society. The exhibition has examples of every type of art and craft imaginable and should be of great interest to everyone, regardless of their speciality.” – Jo Smail

“The BMA is a world class museum that regularly exhibits the work of contemporary Baltimore artists. Seeing art created centuries ago alongside works made by artists of this city validates the idea that important art is made all the time, and made everywhere, especially here in Baltimore. Hopefully visitors will leave Making Her Mark with the desire to see works made by more women from other time periods and cultures.” – Erin Fostel

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